I have been making pots mainly in raku for nearly 25 years! I graduated from Middlesex University having specialised in the technique of raku kiln firing. This method I have continued to refine over time, and the endless surface variations and colours the process can yield never cease to fascinate me. It can be an elusive yet equally fascinating technique. I tend to work with copper based glazes which can develop turquoise, deep blue, green or bright copper and bronze tones.

More recently I have begun to develop my own volcanic glaze pots, which like Raku can be very temperamental- but equally as intriguing and very tactile, with dry crater surfaces! These are fired to around 1240c- with Raku being much lower fired to around 1000-1050c.

Initially I made slab constructed pots and these I continue to develop and make. They echo modernist forms whilst also referencing older more archaic sculpture. I also have pursued wheel thrown pottery in tandem and these are loosely inspired by both traditional Pottery from Japan and pre medieval or iron age ceramics. I throw all my pots on an old upright kick wheel which was my Mum’s.

I have work on show at Buckenham Galleries in Southwold and a bit further afield at Ship of Fools in the Orkney Isles. I am a member of Anglian Potters and am featured in a recent book on Raku entitled “Contemporary Raku”- authored by Stephen Murfitt and published by Crowood Press in 2023.

I now work from my home workshop in Earls Colne having moved from Halstead after 15 years in August 2023.