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By Sally Pudney on 12th June 2020

My parish church, St Leonard’s at Lexden, usually have a Summer Fete in June. This year, of course, it cannot go ahead in its normal form, and instead they have come up with the idea of having a virtual online fete. Amongst the items they have planned is an art show on the theme of some aspect of Lexden – not a competition, just for people’s interest and enjoyment – with three categories, Primary School age, Secondary School age and 16+.

The deadline for sending in was today at 9.00am. On Monday evening it suddenly occurred to me that I ought to be making a bit of an effort about this, and send something in for them. So I made a start on Tuesday, couldn’t do anything on Wednesday for various reasons, and then painted all day long yesterday to get it finished in time.

St Leonard’s Church, Lexden

I think I am in the 16 +++ . . . . category!

This is also, of course, the fifth painting in my Essex Churches series. It wasn’t one that I had planned to do, as it is not a very interesting building from the outside (although the inside is lovely) but there we are – I’ve done it!

I’m hoping if the weather brightens up to get over to The Field next week. In the meantime I am preparing for my virtual online Open Studios which I mentioned in my last post.  More about this very soon!

Hope you are all still well – enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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