My First Blog Post – a BIG Birthday one!

By Sally Pudney on 8th January 2015

Hello from the Anvil Studio!

I didn’t expect to get this off the ground so quickly, but the wonderfully clever John at Wheal Media Ltd has got everything updated in double quick time – so here I am! On 8th January – which just happens to be my birthday, and not just that, but one of those important birthdays which ends in a 0!

I hope you like the look of the new site. It’s not that much different from the old one, although you will see the new Galleries are organised by when I painted the picture, rather than by the subject of the painting. I hope soon to make a start on the 2015 gallery – I’m just starting a new painting, so watch out in about a week!

I have lots planned for 2015! I’m really excited to have been invited to exhibit at Pru Green’s new purpose built gallery in Wivenhoe, The Sentinel Gallery. Graham and I are going to have a look round it on 18th. I’m also looking forward to exhibiting again at the Lexden Arts Festival, Haylett’s Gallery, and Geedon Gallery, and participating in Colchester Open Studios again with Lisa Cockrell. There is also another new venue that I’m finding out about . . . .

Completely new ventures include – as well as the blog! – launching a range of limited edition canvas prints of some of my most popular dinghy paintings, in February. They are a little smaller than the original paintings, but I’m delighted with the quality of the first few I have ordered. I’ve got to work out how they can be packaged, both for display and for posting, but then the first ones will go up on a new web page. ‘Blue Dinghy’, ‘Dinghy in the Sun’, ‘Dinghy on the Red Buoy’ and ‘Dinghy on the Edge’ will be the first up. Do you have any favourites amongst the dinghies that you’d like to see available? – let me know.

Now I must see if I can manage to actually publish this! (And next time I’ll try adding photos!)

Back soon! Have a happy Thursday.


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