Landlines 2: Telegraph poles

By Sally Pudney on 26th January 2018

Just finished yesterday – I’m working so hard this month!!

This is a little lane at Mount Bures in Suffolk that I drew in the early autumn last year – but have only just got round to painting.

Landlines 2: telegraph poles

This is a very small painting compared with most that I’ve done recently – only 30cm square. Telegraph poles straggling along a country lane is a subject that I’ve painted a couple of times before, in Essex Lane and Hazy Spring Morning, Suffolk, but they always seem to me very evocative of a particular North Essex or South Suffolk landscape.

I’ve also just finished my birthday jigsaw – quite the most difficult I’ve ever done!

Next – it’s on with the first painting in my ‘Four Seasons on the Stour’ series.

Friday again! Yay! Hope you have something nice planned for the weekend. 🙂

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