PAINT 7 Autumn Equinox

By Sally Pudney on 20th September 2022

My sixth group of lettering arts pieces will be released tomorrow, 21st September, for the Autumn Equinox.

This time my choice of quotation from e e cummings was “the skies are wild with leaves that dance.
The colours associated with the Autumn Equinox are brown, orange, red, yellow, gold and green – so lots to choose from! I selected these acrylic paints to work with –
So I had Light red, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Vandyke Brown, Violet Oxide ( rather oddly named as it is a deep reddish brown) and Iridescent Bright Gold, plus a green acrylic ink pen.

I designed a layout for the works, with a strong diagonal stress to suggest the leaves whirling in the wind.

Next I painted all seven of my little gesso panels with gold, and used some small leaf shaped lino cuts to print leaf patterns on the gold background.

You can see in the bottom right image above how the gold gleams when it catches the light.
Here are the little lino cuts –

Once the paint was dry I traced down the lettering design, and went over it using the green acrylic ink pen.

This is the result!

I framed them, as usual, in a simple white wood tray frame which will stand up by itself –

– although it is also strung on the back for hanging.

There are seven near identification paintings, but they are all originals with small differences.

See my PAINT 7 page above for more details.

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