Essex Field: November

By Sally Pudney on 29th November 2020

This week – in the nick of time – I finished my November painting of the Field.

Essex Field: November

This shows the big oak trees in the corner of the field near the little brick railway bridge, and the rye coming up, contrasting with the rough grass and other vegetation along the field margin.

Only one more month to go! I’m already looking forward to assembling all the art work and notes into the book I shall be having printed in January or February next year. AND planning all the other items – greetings cards, coasters, bags, prints – and anything else I dream up! If you have any ideas do let me know! 

On-line Open Studio Week: This will be continuing until next Saturday, 5th December. Half the 2021 Calendars have now gone, and I only have four packs of the Christmas Door Christmas cards left, so if you were thinking of ordering I wouldn’t leave it too long!

Hope you are all OK and having a nice weekend – and looking forward to creeping out of lockdown again this week! 🙂

On-line Winter Open Studio Week

By Sally Pudney on 27th November 2020

Well, lovely blog readers, I’ve just spent the morning uploading some lovely new items to the Shop page, and the Gallery 2020 page for you!

There are Christmas cards –

and Calendars for 2021 –

and new mini-prints –

that are especially suitable for your railway enthusiast friends – and are easily post-able and affordable!

Also, my new Autumn card pack –

PLUS the four original paintings of these Autumn scenes are in the Gallery 2020 page, at especially low prices . . . . And, of course, there are lots of other card packs in the Shop, as well as jute bags, large and small, and lots more limited edition prints and mini-prints.  Any of the rectangular mini-prints make easily affordable and easily post-able presents – and there are now seven different images to choose from.

I have had a look through the Gallery pages for this year and last, and have reduced the price of some paintings for the next week. Please note that paintings in the Essex Field series will not be for sale until next year.

Also, paintings marked £POA are at present in either the Church Street Gallery or the Buckenham Galleries, and although they are available to buy the purchase would need to be done through the relevant Gallery.

If you have any queries about original paintings or would like to have a socially distanced viewing of one of them on my doorstep, then do email me on

I hope you enjoy having a browse through – and maybe find something that you would like! 🙂

November ‘Snippings’

By Sally Pudney on 18th November 2020

Following my visit to The Field last week I completed my usual monthly snippings drawing at the weekend.

This month I chose the berries of spindle and the berries of ivy, both growing down at the bottom of the field near the Roman River. Spindle berries are extraordinary in colour – shocking pink, with bright orange seeds – but also in shape, being like three little heart shaped cushions squashed together. In their own way ivy berries are also extraordinary, being a sort of ‘1930s green’ with a dark violet brown hexagonal end on a spherical berry. And the berries grow on individual stalks in groups forming a loose hemi-sphere.

All, as usual in a Wilkin & Sons Ltd, Tiptree jam-jar. This time it was Raspberry Seedless, which could hardly have been less appropriate!

I am busy getting ready for my on-line Open Studio week at the end of the month. I collected two new mini-prints from Point Graphics my printers in Maldon, on Friday, and got some mounted up at the weekend. I am just completing the last of my little Autumn paintings, which, with the other three in the series, will be printed as a new greetings cards pack. The Christmas cards are all ready. The calendars for 2021 are already in the shop. And tomorrow I’m collecting a batch of painting frames from Framewerks, my framers of many years, to get some of my recent paintings framed. Watch out for the extra Open Studios email dropping into your email in-box this coming Sunday.

Hope you’re all still doing OK. 🙂

The Field in November

By Sally Pudney on 14th November 2020

It was a beautiful sunny day here on Thursday, so I decided to make my November visit to the field. Blue sky with a few puffy clouds on the horizon, and bright low sunshine brought out all the colours in the trees and hedges as I walked down to the railway bridge.

This is the rickety wooden kissing gate that I go through, to walk down the side of a meadow where the cows grazed in the summer, and then over the railway bridge into my field.

The wind was making a wonderful noise like the sea in the mature oaks along the railway cutting. Most have completely turned an ochre-yellow bronze colour, but one had lost its leaves almost completely, and another was still green. Oak trees are individuals!

These are a couple more big oaks on the field boundary on the west of the field which were looking beautiful in the sun.

As I walked along the top of the field I saw both buzzards sail out of the big trees and work their way, circling and banking, over How Hill field. They were having to work quite hard in the strong wind, beating their great wings much more than they did in their lazy gliding summer flight.

Down at the bottom of the field it was really muddy! I was glad I’d reverted to Wellingtons and a walking pole, just as I used for the first three months of the year. Impressed in the mud I saw the deer hooves again, both large and small. Here is a large hoof print, with my foot to compare the size!

I found a second spindle tree in the hedge by the river, absolutely laden with its strange shocking pink seed pods, most of them high up on the sunny side of the hedge. I picked a couple of twigs within reach, and also some ivy with its own strange seeds and these will be my ‘snippings’ drawing this month.

Most of the vegetation has died down from the banks of the Roman River, and the trees along the bank are largely leafless. The river itself is visible again. It is really more of a stream than a river!

Other news: I’ve been very busy getting ready for my ‘on-line Open Studio’ week. ( I do wish I could do ‘real’ Open Studios . . .) I’ve been photographing all four of my Christmas cards, to go in the web-shop. The 2021 Calendars are already in there. Yesterday I collected two new mini-prints from my Maldon printers, Point Graphics.  They are both ‘railway’ based – maybe a good present for any railway enthusiasts in your family! I am also working hard to complete my four little Autumn paintings. So far Autumn in the Woods, Autumn in the Fields and Autumn by the River are all done, so just one more to go. As well as the original paintings which will be going up on my Gallery page soon, I am also having a new pack of cards made from them. All these new items will be going into the shop on Friday, 27th November, ready to start my week on Saturday 28th November. Of course, all the other items in the shop will also be available, so lots of prints, large and small, books, jute bags, postcards . . . And original paintings, too, on the Gallery pages. 

Look out for my Open Studios newsletter coming on Sunday, 22nd November, with all the details of the week. Still time to sign up to receive my newsletters if you don’t already. Go to the home page of my website, scroll down to the bottom, put your email in the box and click Subscribe – very easy!

I know some of you lovely blog readers in Wales will have just come out of lockdown, and many of us, in England, are still in it! Hope wherever you are that you are all well, and managing to just ‘keep doing the days!’ 🙂

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