November ‘Snippings’

By Sally Pudney on 18th November 2020

Following my visit to The Field last week I completed my usual monthly snippings drawing at the weekend.

This month I chose the berries of spindle and the berries of ivy, both growing down at the bottom of the field near the Roman River. Spindle berries are extraordinary in colour – shocking pink, with bright orange seeds – but also in shape, being like three little heart shaped cushions squashed together. In their own way ivy berries are also extraordinary, being a sort of ‘1930s green’ with a dark violet brown hexagonal end on a spherical berry. And the berries grow on individual stalks in groups forming a loose hemi-sphere.

All, as usual in a Wilkin & Sons Ltd, Tiptree jam-jar. This time it was Raspberry Seedless, which could hardly have been less appropriate!

I am busy getting ready for my on-line Open Studio week at the end of the month. I collected two new mini-prints from Point Graphics my printers in Maldon, on Friday, and got some mounted up at the weekend. I am just completing the last of my little Autumn paintings, which, with the other three in the series, will be printed as a new greetings cards pack. The Christmas cards are all ready. The calendars for 2021 are already in the shop. And tomorrow I’m collecting a batch of painting frames from Framewerks, my framers of many years, to get some of my recent paintings framed. Watch out for the extra Open Studios email dropping into your email in-box this coming Sunday.

Hope you’re all still doing OK. 🙂

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