Christmas Tree!

By Sally Pudney on 15th December 2015

Yesterday I decided – 12 days before Christmas – that it was the day for our annual Christmas Tree buying trip.

When I fold down the back seats of my Land Rover there is a huge space in the back. Covered up with a very thick strong brown plastic sheet (a bit like a tarpaulin, actually, with brass bound eyelet holes in the edges!) that my Dad always used in the back of his car, there was plenty of space for a 6 foot tree for Graham and a smallish potted tree for me – and a large bunch of mistletoe.

Here is my tree, just brought inside.

Christmas Tree '15 1And the lights still work! A miracle! And I had a lovely time decorating it, listening to Psalmody and the Parley of Instruments CD, ‘Nativity: Christmas music from Georgian England’. And this is what it looks like now.

Christmas Tree '15 2

Lots of shopping and delivering of Christmas cards today. Then I started my next dinghy this afternoon – this one will be ‘Poppy on the Blackwater II’ – a lovely Christmas-sy red! 🙂

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