A collection of 7 Artists

By Sally Pudney on 6th February 2016

This afternoon Graham and I went to the Private View of the Sentinel Gallery’s first show of 2016 – ‘A Collection of 7 Artists’. It is just what it says – seven artists from Wivenhoe, all women, working in very different media.

Sentinel Collection of 7One of our previous Lexden Arts Festival exhibitors, Barbara Peirson is one of the seven, and I saw two red dots on her paintings already, so I’m sure she’ll be pleased!

We both liked Catherine Dodds’ ceramic pieces – in fact I bought one of her little ceramic boats decorated inside with two gold lustre fishes! She also had some beautiful swan mugs that were causing a lot of interest, and two sold while we were there. It was nice to have a chat with Catherine, who told me that the gold lustre glaze goes on as a brownish sticky gunk – and then when you open the kiln after firing, it has transformed itself into gold – although she said it smelt terrible in the process!

I also liked Olivia Browne’s intriguing collage prints, which looked like mysterious landscapes and forests. I was curious to know how she does them, as they seem to have parts of photographs meshed into the images.

In the jewellery cabinet I loved Alison Dane’s coloured necklaces – very adaptable as they could be worn long, or in several strands, and very reasonably priced, too.

Lots of lovely things – well worth a visit if you are in the Colchester area. The gallery is open tomorrow from 10am – 5.pm, and then from Wednesday. All the details are on their website www.the sentinelgallery.co.uk – and don’t be put off by the road works on the way into Wivenhoe, the diversion is very easy to follow! 🙂


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Sally Pudney

22nd February 2016

Thank you, Olivia, for taking the trouble to comment and explaining a bit about your work. :) I hope you've had a successful show at the Sentinel - there seemed to be a few red dots appearing when we were at the PV.

Olivia Browne

22nd February 2016

Thank-you for your kind words, Sally! I do use photographs within my collage work. Sometimes these are photos I have taken myself locally, and in The Black Forest on holiday in Germany. I also use photocopies and photo transfer sheets to create multiple layers and then use household cleaning wipes full of chemicals to bleach out areas of colour to reveal imagery behind.

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