Dedham: Spring

By Sally Pudney on 6th May 2018

The next painting in my Four Seasons on the Stour series is up on the Gallery 2018 page today.

Dedham: Spring

This is the view of the Stour that you get if you walk down to the Mill. . . take the little footpath which allows you to cross over the lock gates . . .  turn left on the far bank of the river . . . walk along until you come to a gate . . . go  through the gate . . . and look upstream . . .

My next river Stour destination, for late spring, is Stratford St Mary. This will be an interesting one, as although I have driven through it countless times on the A12, and long ago I went bell-ringing in the church there, I’ve never actually been down to the river at this point. So it will be a bit of exploring!

Festival news: getting quite close now! Only 18 more days till we open to the public on 25th May! This last week I priced up the work of textile artist Sheila Wright, who has already given me most of the work she will exhibit. Sheila lives in King’s Lynn in West Norfolk, and she produces wonderful knitted and crocheted blankets and throws. The ones she is showing at All Saint’s Arts Festival are all crocheted. As Sheila does not have an on-line presence yet, I thought I’d give you a little taster of the lovely designs and colours that she uses.

Sheila uses mostly pure wool, often extra fine merino wool, sometimes with mixed yarns including alpaca!

The 14th artist to be exhibiting at the Festival is me . . . . I will be showing the first two of my Landlines series, Path and Track; some of my Fingringhoe Wick paintings – July, August, June and November; the first four of the Stour paintings, Wrabness, Cattawade, and both the Flatford ones; and three dinghies. They won’t all be displayed at once though, as some are to fill in the ‘gaps’ which will hopefully appear! So if you come and particularly want to see one which is not on view, do ask! I shall be on the Reception desk all the time, with a name badge on, so you will know it is me!

Don’t forget tickets are available from our website  for the evening events.

If you’d like to come to the Private View on Thursday, 24th May, just drop me an email at  with your postal address and I’ll send you an invitation in the post.

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Bank Holiday weekend weather! 🙂


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