Landlines 5: Channels

By Sally Pudney on 25th April 2018

So, this is the Walton Backwaters, from the top of the Naze Tower on a summer evening a couple of years ago. It’s a painting I intended to paint in 2016, but then I got ill and painting stopped for a while . . . . but I remembered about it a few days ago!

There had been tremendous storms all that evening, and then just as the sun was setting the heavy cloud broke and the water channels were lit up by the golden light. I came out onto the roof of the Naze Tower, with my friend Christina, at just the right moment! (Strangely, as I type this, there is a tremendous storm going on, with hailstones rattling against the kitchen window!)

Festival News: Yesterday I made my last artists visit for the Festival to Clare Kiely at Great Waldringfield. Clare keeps three alpacas and felts and weaves beautiful things from their undyed fleece – black Fergus, white Clement and gingery-brown Norman. Clare also runs workshops at her home. She has recently started a lovely new collection of felted vessels, inspired by the cave paintings of South America. She has ‘drawn’ alpacas using different colours of fleece felted into the background felt, using the same graphic style as the cave paintings.  Check out her work at

There are just two more artists whom I haven’t mentioned – more on them next time.

Don’t forget to check out the Festival website  for tickets for our evening events, as well as details of the exhibition and café opening times.

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