Looking for dinghies

By Sally Pudney on 26th February 2016


A little trip down to Heybridge Basin yesterday morning, so find some more paintable dinghies. Having delivered four dinghy paintings to the Geedon Gallery on Tuesday for their Spring exhibition, I have none left, and I would like to have two or three for the Naze Tower show in the summer.

It was a beautiful morning – hard frost, cloudless blue sky, and very little wind. I parked in the charmingly named Daisy Meadow car park – which is also free! – and walked down to the sea wall. The estuary was like a mill pond. Gradually, as I walked, some clouds blew up. Wonderful reflections, wonderful cloud patterns, a lovely walk – and the sea wall, in places, is a very convenient height to rest a sketchbook on to draw!

Heybridge Feb '16 1

Heybridge Feb '16 2

Heybridge Feb '16 3

Heybridge Feb '16 4

Heybridge Feb '16 5
And I did find a few dinghies . . .
Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

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