Sudbury Water Meadows: Autumn

By Sally Pudney on 13th December 2018

Finished yesterday afternoon!

Sudbury Water Meadows: Autumn

The next one will be Long Melford – nearly at the end of this project now! I have on my list to do the last visit to Clare or Stoke by Clare, but with Long Melford I will actually have completed the twelve that I set out to do, so I may stop there. Although if we get a really nice day between now and the end of December I might be tempted to go, and do an extra painting. At the moment, though, it is very cold, and cloudy, so the opposite of tempting.

I have been working out my art plans for next year, which, excitingly, will be quite different from the last few years! Different painting projects, different exhibitions, and some quite big changes to my website. I will share all about it on January 1st.

And now I must sit down and do some serious Christmas card writing, as so far I have written just one . . .

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well! 🙂

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