Winter Solstice

By Sally Pudney on 21st December 2017

Winter sunrise

Happy Winter Solstice, to all you lovely blog readers!

It has been a rather grey, drizzly day here, but I drove over to my seaside outpost and had a lovely solstice lunch with Graham at a very nice old pub called the Robin Hood, so I didn’t really notice the weather.

The photo above was not – sadly – this morning’s sunrise, but Tuesday’s! I took this photo from my back door before I drove up to my sister’s home in Norfolk to do the present exchange and have a nice day there. There was an extremely hard frost, and driving up the A12 through Dedham vale, with the fields and trees glittering with frost in the low sun, and a clear cold blue sky with a few vapour trails lit to a golden apricot, was like driving through fairyland!

I read a lovely legend from, I think, Finland, the other day. It described how Mother Reindeer leaps through the long Solstice night with the light of the sun caught in her antlers to carry it into the new year.

So we can look forward to the light of the Spring – only just around the corner! 🙂

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